Importance Of Studying History

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Various people will argue the importance of history. Modernists, for example, completely reject history and see it as no importance, they believe that ‘if one is committed to the future, then why bother with the past?’ . However, if you were to ask a history student, whether the level GCSE, A-Level or even degree level, the answer would be varied. Just many of the few possible answers could be; that history is to facilitate others, and that studying it is a social responsibility to educate those that don’t. History teaches us empathy, and primary sources such as diary entries allow us to see events in other’s perspectives. History gives us the intellectual training to analyse and evaluate, a universal skill. But most importantly, we use history to learn from our mistakes, vastly politically, and to make sure that the true horrific events from the past are not to be repeated in today’s society. The most important reason that history is studied in today’s society is so that we can learn from it, from mainly the mistakes that have been previously made, but also the good things that have happened. As Tosh and Lang so rightfully worded, ‘Our sense of the heights to which human beings can attain, and the depths to which they may sink […] all these are nourished by knowing what has been thought and done in the very different contexts of the past’ . Studying history gives us this sense of power and almost superiority over others, as revising the past, much like revising for an exam, is the only way that as a society we are going to succeed and improve on our predecessors. We must study the past so we can be sure not to repeat the same mistakes, something as careless as not doing so could lead a much worse repetition of some of the most e... ... middle of paper ... ...gree will teach the content, which is undoubtedly important, but it also teaches these skills, this empathy and compassion, and the ability to make a clear and concise argument, which in today’s modern society is important, so we can keep advancing. In conclusion, the most important reason why we study history in today’s society is to learn from the past, and to review previous decisions to understand whether they’ve been the right ones. We study history for evaluation, as our society is forever changing and different, and we need to understand why. Reasons like this is what more people need to understand why we do study history, and that it’s more than for our pleasure and enjoyment. We study history in order to help, to prevent and to maintain. Whilst we also do study history for empathy and other versatile life skills, history to reflect from is much more needed.
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