Importance Of Studying History

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Why? Why? Why? This is the question that so many children ask about everything, and part of the title of this essay – Why should children today study the Russian Revolution – this comes back to the question of why we should study history? Or even why should we study at all? A good answer to the former, in quote form, would be this:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santanya, 20th century philosopher

History can teach us so many valuable lessons, and show us so many things – the horrors of war, great inventions, ancient civilisations, and many extremely funny points, found in the midst of huge amounts of information. In fact, as the quote says, where would we be, if we had not learnt from what had happened in the past? History is part of us, and always will be, and this is why so many teachers and great scholars will cringe when you ask, “Why should we study? Why should we study history? Why? Why? Why?”
History should be treated with reverence – it is what we are.

The Perfect formula for Revolution
In Russia, during the war and just before it, the conditions were perfect for revolution – the Tsar (the all-powerful leader) would not listen to anyone about the country’s problems, instead continuing blindly onwards, dissolving parliament several times, and making bad decisions, the other social classes pushed against him, at first peacefully, but then violently after events such as “Bloody Sunday” or “Крова́вое воскресе́нье” idealisms such as communism influenced the revolutionary’s , who, realising that they could not win by diplomacy, turned to force. From the very start, there was going to be revolution.
A prelude, perhaps to the main revolution of 1917, was the smalle...

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...hey will need this knowledge in future events. Furthermore, the events during, and following the revolution were extremely influential and should be remembered by anyone – the world’s first soviet government, the kicking out of the tsars, hat had ruled since time immortal – anyone should remember and learn about this. Finally, the Russian revolution is one of the world’s best true stories, which should be enjoyed by all – the deception, the violence and the general atmosphere should be enough to please any schoolchild. The Russian revolution is one of the greatest events in history, and should definitely be learnt about by any schoolchild.

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