Importance Of Studying Abroad

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As a child, everyday after school, my older brother, Josiah, and I would play outside until it got dark. Our favorite was racing around the neighborhood on our roller skates. Although he let me win each race, I felt invincible on my skates, and with each motion I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and peace. We had no worries in the world, not even our sore legs stopped us from playing outside. As time went on, Josiah grew weaker and I found myself skating alone. The overwhelming joy that skating once brought seemed to grow apart and distant. Josiah was diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy, which eventually caused more health complications. I had no idea then, but hearing my mother silently cry every night as my father comforted her is what…show more content…
For the first time, I was living outside my comfort zone and apart from my family in one of the largest cities of the world. I was so absorbed into the culture and every new experience around me that it became a distraction to my studies. To my regret, that semester took a toll on my GPA, however, I gained independence, interpersonal skills and friends all around the world. The semester I returned from studying abroad was the toughest semester for me, and it is evident from seeing my grades suffer. I felt the need to catch up with my peers, so I took more classes than I could handle. Eventually it caused me to lose focus and motivation in school. I began to question myself if I was studying in the right field and I spent that semester searching for the right…show more content…
I took care of a patient named Rose, she was a sweet old lady in her early nineties and was admitted into the rehabilitation floor of the facility due to a hip fracture. Rose was a happy person and pleasant to be around. Few weeks later, Rose began to decline after she got an infection of her salivary glands. After refusing to eat or drink all day, I mixed vanilla ice cream and milk remembering milkshake was her favorite. To her family’s surprise, Rose finished it and jokingly asked for more. I remember her youngest daughter thanking me with tears in her eyes, knowing her mother did not have much time left. As a CNA, I am blessed to be the person to give comfort and care to patients during the last days of their lives and provide simply joys in life, like milkshakes. As a PA, I will continue to provide patients the best care possible, but at another level. Surely there are many gratifications in life, but for me none is greater than being a part of one’s health care team. It is in healing and helping patients that I find the peace I once had growing up skating with my big brother,
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