Importance Of Strategic Planning

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The provision of healthcare is both an act of service and a business; each task must be organize to be able to attain the organization’s goal. Monitoring the process becomes especially important when presented with the opportunity to enhance its planning. It must allow practice to address opportunities and transform strategic challenges into strategic advantages. Monitoring begins with checking the development and clarification of the organization’s goal Evaluation is a form of research and should be treated in that way, although it is often hastily prepared during the actual event. It is wise to plan in advance the types of evaluation that are going to be employed, so that it would be easier for everyone. Hence, having planned…show more content…
Planning should not be considered as a discrete activity, but should be merged with the other functions of the organization. Strategic planning in particular, with emphasis on the external environment, should involve a process that is tied in with the operation of the health care organization. Rather than being an end in its own right, any plan should serve as a launch for subsequent planning activity. The strategic plan also represents a moving target due to the volatility of the healthcare environment. There was a time when healthcare organizations could expect a little breathing room between one major development in the healthcare arena and the next. Effectiveness of the organization’s control adjustment can be enhanced by the quality of the inputs into the control system. Inputs can include the budget, an internal marketing database, scenario analysis, productivity judgments, sensitivity analysis and environmental monitoring…show more content…
Proper management of an healthcare practice requires that all supporting systems, ranging from facility operations to patient medical records be constantly monitored and updated to meet ever-changing needs. Monitoring the constantly evolving healthcare, keeping up with competition and moving the practice forward require competent leadership on the part of the administrator and the healthcare director as well as an aggressive ongoing process of strategic management. With monitoring and evaluation planning and preparedness facilitates, coordinates and validates the organization policy development and formulation processes; coordinates with Nevada Veterans Healthcare System’s strategic planning process and implementation of the states performance and results act requirements; supports the identification, development, analysis and review of issues affecting veteran’s programs; links and supplements the actual and quantitative analysis capabilities of VA in support of major policy inquiries; serves as healthcare’s focal point for access to and availability of

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