Importance Of Strategic Approach To Human Resource Development

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WHY MIGHT AN ORGANIZATION ADOPT A STRATEGIC APPROACH TO HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT? CRITICALLY DISCUSS WHAT HR PRACTITIONERS CAN DO TO ENSURE IT IS IMPLEMENTED IN PRACTICE. Introduction In globalisation era, managing resources in organisation is a challenge that must be faced by every entity. Their competitive advantages rely on their ability in managing their resources effectively and efficiently. This including human capital as one of the organisation resource. Question like ‘why organisations adopt strategic approach to Human Resource Development (HRD)?’ and ‘what can the HR practitioners can do to make sure the it implemented in practice?’ will arise due to the importance of HRD for the organisation. To answering those questions,…show more content…
Internal factors are conditions within organisation that become limitation in achieving organisation goals. For example, zero defect production needed to keep the low cost of production, and this can be accomplished if the employee in production department is well trained, financial limitation to hire more employee to do the job that management thinks can be done by existing employee, employee attitude or behaviour that may be have not yet meet the standard in serving customer or a high employee turnover that can affect organisation performance. In the other hand external factors described as conditions outside the organisation, that force management to implement HRD to maintain or even improve their competitive advantages. For example, customer demand on high quality service, customer expectation on innovative product, lack of work force with high quality in the market, legal regulation related to workforce such as minimum wages or limitation to employ a part time worker. From all those discussion, the answer on why organisations adopt strategic approach to Human Resource Development (HRD) is because there are factors that require organisation to design strategies related to human resource development to achieve organisation objectives. The other main point is because different firm will have a different needs of capabilities to develop and this is based on their condition both internal (within the firm) and external (market needs
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