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Within society today, sports have this extraordinary way of making a positive impact. The wide sector of sport over the years has developed, expanded and is becoming more influential in our lives today than it has been historically. My awareness has developed not only in the practical aspects of sport, but in the way it is analyzed through newspaper and other media outlets. I was drawn into sports at a young age and as I matured my attraction to sports increased tremendously. For many years until leading up to my sophomore year of college, I have participated in competitive softball. Over those years I was able to construct an understanding of the sport. My knowledge of professional sporting games has adapted through resources, articles in newspapers and developing opinions through other media outlets. My accomplishments over the years have encouraged me to further expand my options in a sporting career and showed me that success can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. The main type of journalism that I would like to practice is broadcast journalism. I would like to go into the field of sports because of my deep personal background in competing in sport over the years. From a young age I was involved in playing in sports like softball, basketball, soccer, track, cross-country, and freestyle skiing. While respectively participating in each of these sports I was able to grow and learn about them individually. Once my competitive years started to wind down, I realized that my true passion was to be able to start a career in the sporting world, specifically through sports journalism. During the beginning of my junior year of high school I enrolled in a TV Production class. This class gave me the much needed insight i... ... middle of paper ... ...uce stories across all different platforms of journalism. By obtaining an education at Emerson, I will be able to network and build relationships with successful faculty members and media outlets. The opportunity to live and study in the city of champions will only increase my knowledge in sports. Boston is a city where American journalism was born and endless works of journalism live on. One of the principal professional goals that I would like acquire is to become one of the first female analysts in professional baseball. I believe with the resources and education that I receive from Emerson, this is foreseeable in my near future. The subjects I have studied throughout my education have given me many alternative and possibilities in a variety of journalism focused career choices. I hope to pursue a career in topics that I enjoy greatly, such as sport and journalism.

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