Importance Of Sports

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I have a lot of interests and talents that either improved over the course of the years or has become uninterested to me. Sports for example, always had peeked my interest ever since I was young. Although I do not play as many sports as I want to. I love to play and watch as much as I can. When I was younger, I loved to play as the goalie in soccer and loved to play basketball although, I was the only girl who wanted to play with the boys. At times at school, I was an outcast because instead of playing “Doctor” or “House” like every girl in school, I liked playing basketball, dodgeball, and soccer with the boys. I love playing sports, and I would be incomplete without it. Sports are one of the things that can lift up or become full of energy.…show more content…
Ever since I was young, I was a New Orleans Saints and Hornets/Pelicans fan; I always enjoyed going to my aunts and uncles’ houses to watch the game and eat crawfish and chitterlings. My family is full of athletes and has taught me everything. My mother played volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball, and track, broke track records, and coached volleyball. I was on my mom’s volleyball team when I was younger, but after a few minutes, she kicked me off the team. My father was on the football team in high school and his team went to the playoffs with a 12-1 record. The reason why I wanted to play sports is because it was fun, and sports aided me through tough and stressful times and was the only way I could release my feeling. I started playing sports when I was in the second grade, but did not play serious until the sixth grade. At first, I was afraid of the ball hitting me, but after multiple volleyball hits to the face, a basketball, soccer ball, and football to the face, a Frisbee to the mouth, and a baseball and softball thrown full speed to the leg and back, I became immune to it. I love sports with a passion; no matter what sport it is, I will play and
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