Importance Of Speech

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I would first like to start off by talking about each, individual part of this speech, to break it up and then evaluate it as a whole in the end. I would like to start with my proverb. I think that in my speech I didn’t have one solid proverb but a few that did tie together nicely. The main ones that I had talked about how we need to take a risk in order to get to where we want to be and the other tied in with being creatively motivated. My entire speech had the theme of being driven and motivated in order to succeed. With this theme I went on a search for the best proverbs that I could find that really represented this theme. I believe that the audience did understand the theme that I was gearing towards and that they could relate to it in some way or another. I think that almost everyone has come to a point in their life where they were either going to have to turn around or jump to what they want. My proverb also related to the stories that I included in my speech. All in all, I believe that my proverb really represented the point that I wanted to get across and related to the audience. The stories that I added in my speech were not of myself, but of two people that I think are a perfect example of drive and motivation. The…show more content…
My first goal is that I use my notecards less. By not using notecards it shows that you are very prepared and that you know the topic well. Along with that it guarantees you better eye contact with the audience and shows a level of confidence. My last goal is that I move with more of a purpose or stand still. By moving back and forth or kicking my legs it can either be a signal of nervousness or disinterest. If I am able to stand still or move around the room with purpose it, again shows a level of confidence, as well as an interest in your topic and professionalism. Overall, this speech went well but was also a good learning experience or a gauge for the parts I need to work on in later
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