Importance Of Solid Waste Management Essay

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Solid waste refers to the waste or can say the refuse that exist in the solid form in the community and is responsible for the environment pollution and other related problems. Solid waste comprises of both the organic as well as inorganic waste. Solid Waste Management (SWM) refers to the proper management of the waste starting from its primary collection to its final disposal so that it should not hinder the environment in any way and also not to the surrounding society.
Solid waste management is a mandatory role of local bodies to do but in actual fact these services are not done or they are done in a poor way that ultimately results in wide community problems related to environment and hygiene.
In India the way of solid waste management is old, technically low and less advanced and inefficient. The way of waste
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Some of the key initiatives and recommendations are discussed as under:

1) According to Honourable Supreme Court of India Recommendations are :The increased waste and environmental degradation have attain the considerable attention of Central and State government. The first decision by Supreme Court was taken in 1998 that was actually the order to form a committee to study the prospects of solid waste in environment.

2) Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules:
Some rules have been made by municipality commission that was compulsory to be followed which includes the mandatory implementation of solid waste management techniques. 3) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission:
This was the scheme made for the urban infrastructural development in 63 cities of the nation. 4) Twelfth Finance Commission Recommendations
The finance commission have granted financial aid for the infrastructural and other facilities for proper waste management system.
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