Importance Of Software Effort Estimation

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Software effort estimation is a notorious task in software development. Accurate effort estimation is the one of the major requirement of successful software project. Effort estimation is provides the basis for other software development activities like planning and scheduling. Every day science is giving an invention to make our life comfortable. Various research papers are published in the renounce journals regarding software effort estimation. Many methods and models are suggested in the papers to make software effort estimation accurate. Some methods and models are best suitable for a particular type of project, but not for other type of project. After a long journey of research software industries are still searching for a software effort…show more content…
In the process of estimation we have to include all the phases of software development, not only the coding phase. 2) Analogy and expert judgment is one of simple and accurate methods, but only in the case where old database is available and project is simple. Estimation models do not care of complexity and size, but in the most of the cases it is not produces the correct result because for various parameters prediction is required in the model. Analogy and expert judgment can make out prediction batter, so we have to combine the expert judgment and analogy based estimation with the estimation model.3) Estimation model or method produce the effort required to make the software project. An estimation model cannot make the estimation success; an effective monitoring policy is also required to make the estimation successful. In the planning of a software project managers decides the number of mile stones and these milestones must be achieved in the given calendar time. Project Manager must be continuously monitoring the progress of the project. If the team is not reaching the mile stones on the time then project manage has to take the necessary action. 4) The concept of multistage effort estimation is introduced in this research. Actually effort estimation is done in analysis…show more content…
Every research will become fail until management not understands the importance of efforts estimation. It is much better to spend a little time on estimation compare to a software failure. In the study we have the various reasons of the software failure; incorrect effort estimation is one of the reasons. We have also found reasons of inaccurate estimation; estimation models are not always responsible for all estimation failure. There are various reason of estimation failure like poor requirement analysis, inexperience team etc, If all the things are correct and still we are not getting the accurate estimation then only model is responsible. In our study we have found that estimation model or methods are not always responsible for failure of estimation. If any project is not completed on time then there may be two reasons first due to accurate effort estimation and second some other reason like inexperience team, unavailability of staff members etc etc. We should treat these two reasons separately. If delay due to model then we have to improve the process od estimation or change the model and if delay due to other reason we should use effective monitoring to manage such
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