Importance Of Social Work

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Certain people have had a powerful impact on my life. Overall I was a bubbly child, but my parents’ volatile relationship and mother’s substance abuse issues lead to periods of instability. In middle school my guidance counselor, Ms. Persichetti became my role model and a vital part of my support system. I felt comfortable confiding in Ms. Persichetti about my family situation. Her acceptance, empathic understanding and genuineness created an environment that promoted my personal and academic development.

I had the honor of being accepted to the competitive B.S.W. Social Work Program at the West Virginia University. Through the B.S.W. curriculum, I developed my sense of self, sensitivity to diversity, and understanding of human needs. I successfully applied the theories I learned in Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Individual Development in the Family Context and the practice skills I developed in Introduction to Generalist Practice: Practice with individuals and Social Work Methods: Practice with Families and Groups during my 441 hour field instruction experience with Monongahela County Head Start. With the supervision of my field instructor Janette Lewis (a Family Service Specialist). I gained experience with the day-to-day operations of delivering comprehensive service to children from low-income families in the school setting throughout my field experience at Monongalia County Head Start.

Janette possessed the same accepting, empathic and genuine disposition as Ms. Persichetti. These characteristics established a learning environment that fostered my personal growth and professional development. Throughout my placement, I discovered I had the same accepting, empathic and genuine nature as Ms. Persichetti and J...

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...r their personal development and academic achievement.

Cambridge College’s supportive learning community will be the ideal environment to foster my professional and personal development. Cambridge College’s SAC Program will prepare me to pursue my career goals in becoming a SAC in an elementary school by:
1) delivering knowledge of counseling strategies, skills in counseling children and their families and field experience working with children and families in the school setting,
2) offering the opportunity to concentrate in addiction counseling, and
3) meets the SAC initial licensure prepartion standards of DESE.
The supportive learning community and education provided by Cambridge College’s SAC Program will enable me to become a SAC in an elementary school and establish a career path that allows me to pursue my passion of improving the lives of children.
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