Importance Of Social Research

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Research is part and parcel of today's life, especially from an academic and professional perspective. Social research can be ideally defined as a practical activity targeted towards answering research questions by the use of research strategies including conducting a research design involving data collection and analysis and development of appropriate conclusions. Social research is an appropriate method of collecting information and presenting need for a particular argument. According to Walliman, (2006), the concept of social research therefore requires proper understanding in regards to the strategy utilized, the design employed, as well as the method used in conducting a particular study so as to ensure that the outcome is as valid and relatable as possible (Walliman, 2006). Social research incorporates two main types of research approaches including quantitative research approach and qualitative research approach. Quantitative research on one hand primarily deals with research methods that involve computational analysis while on their hand qualitative research strategies seek to analyze textual information. The concept of social research therefore is quiet intricately complicated not in terms of the processes that are required to complete the same but in terms of the numerous stages that and criteria that are essential in ensuring that a particular research conducted is valid (Ruane, 2016). Social research today contributes a large percentage of societal issues. Social research has remained one of the vital tools that researchers utilize in the bid to understand numerous concepts of social importance. Williams and Vogt (2011) observed that the value of social research lies in the bulk of benefits that it poses especially whe... ... middle of paper ... ...esearch tools on issues of public importance especially from a sociological perspective enables individuals, especially among the research fraternity to come up with models that enables proper understanding and profiling of the society (Brondizio & Hager, 2017). The tools of social research in the society are rapidly expanding with the discovery of new avenues where social research can be critically useful (Cox & Hardwick, 2002)l. With there being an expanding need for proper understanding of aspects of sociological importance in the society, social research would continue to remain a vital element in research especially from the perspective of helping correlate various social issues in terms of how they affect each other. Utilization of social research continues to gain significant pace while creating new ways of approaching societal issues in the world today.
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