Importance Of Social Contract

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In simple words, a social contract is an agreement between the people, who transfer power and rights, to the government. A social contract refers to an agreement on a set of manageable rules. It is not a physical agreement a few leaders. A social contract is a concept. Formal public consent is fixed in the Constitution. It is important to understand that everyone who agrees to the contract must obey its rules. The people who agree have to realize that their own interest and well being should be recognized, and they should know that everybody has to follow the rules and limitations of the contract equally. For example, if I wanted to build a house in the middle of the city, I couldn’t, because that would be violating other people’s privacy and rights. One of the main provisions in social contract it is the importance equality .Both of philosopher agreed about this fact but they were looking for equality with different points of view. According to Hobbes, the state preceded the emergence of the so-called natural state, a state of absolute, unrestricted freedom of people equal in their rights and abilities. People are equal to each other and have all the same rights. Therefore, the natural state for Hobbes is, in the full sense, of "war of all against all." The absolute freedom of the individual is the pursuit of anarchy, chaos, and continuous struggle, which could seem as if it’s fair to hurt another human being. In such a situation, people need to have restrictions to come to some agreement. By limiting their freedom, people delegate the responsibility to maintain order and supervision of compliance of the contract of a particular group or individual. So there is a state, and it is independent from any external or internal ... ... middle of paper ... .... That was, until recently, the class struggle, the fight for feminism, the struggle for the rights of ethnic and sexual minorities, and for dignified positions in society. Feminism is appropriate when there are no other pressing issues to deal with. But due to a number of psychological factors, the movement has gradually deformed into a negative thing, in which women are now attacking the long-held privileged positions of men. From my point of view, the idea of a Social Contract is not bad, because people have since ancient times tried to unite in order to survive, but on the other hand I cannot imagine the possibility that tens of thousands of people could agree among themselves in the presence of acute social contradictions between them, and in the absence of existing power. I think so because many times I can't to get some agreement with my husband in my family.
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