Importance Of Silent Reading

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Better Reading Skills, Better Education When the pages of a book is open, the reader is transported into a different place and time. Reading a book is a chance for a person to get away and take a break from the stress of school or work. In some elementary and middle schools, children have a period in the day that is dedicated for reading. That time is called sustained silent reading, also known as SSR. The students choose a book, sit for a period of time, and enjoy the book in their hand. The chance to be a superhero, spy, royalty, and so many more different characters is an experience many do not forget. In high school, the students do not get the chance to dive into a book during a school day; that is due to the lack of an SSR period in high school. The day of a high school student consists of taking notes, cramming for tests, and writing essays. If there is a break for the students, the time is spent doing homework or being on social media. Generally, students do not have time to read at home either due to a job or homework. Sustained Silent Reading…show more content…
To help get the students involved in the reading programs, there needs to be a motivation from the parents and the teachers. Though there needs to be some motivational help to get the students involved, the benefits they gain are worth it. High school students would have the chance to improve their reading proficiency and comprehension as well as various other educational factors. In addition to the numerous sustained silent reading programs used, it helps improve the attitudes for reading at home and on students own time. Reading at home allows the students to take a break from the world of social media and televisions and just relax. Shouldn’t high school students be given the chance to read and improve their education as well as take a break from the stress of
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