Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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Sex Education Should be taught in Schools
Sex is a natural act that most people do at some time in their life. A lot of people become sexually active in their teenage years. How are they supposed to learn about the precautions of sex? Sex education in schools has been debated for years in congress. Also, many parents have an opinion on whether or not they want their kids to learn about sex in a school setting. I, on the other hand, believe that sex education should be taught to teenagers in schools. Teenagers should learn the correct ways to use contraceptives; they should learn about sexually transmitted diseases; they should learn the risks and precautions of pregnancy. Practicing safe sex is extremely important and teenagers should
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There are a few different levels of seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases. Some sexually transmitted diseases are curable, others stay with someone the rest of their lives, and finally, several can be life threatening. Molly Masland states that, “…teens are paying the price by contracting dangerous — and sometimes deadly — sexually transmitted diseases.” Teens are not learning about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and do not know how to prevent them because they are not mandated to learn about them. Since teens are not being taught about sexually transmitted diseases, they are coming into contact with them. I believe that teens should be taught about the different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and the symptoms of each so they have some knowledge about them. Also, they should be able to know about which diseases are life-threatening and which ones will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Learning about sexually transmitted diseases is important to anyone who is going to become sexually active in the future. Students must learn about these infections in order to prevent them as well as determine the differences between all of…show more content…
Teenagers need to learn about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. Without learning about these risks, teenagers could change the outlook of the rest of their lives. Sex is a serious matter and is not to be taken lightly, which is why teenagers should go through a comprehensive sex education

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