Importance Of Setting Limits

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Learn to set limits to some people around us either work or personal is very important. Just as the walls of your house determines the area where you live , a limit defines the emotional space that suits you as a human being you're differentiating what you want and what you are not and will not.

Each time you should "say no " or earn respect and you do not, you are compromising your integrity . It is as if there were no property boundaries of your house and anyone could come and go as they give the win .

Achieving harmony in our life depends on your ability to realize how far you can give to others. If you think you're not curbing behaviors misplaced and destructive to others, then you are compromising your independence and dignity as a person. You have the right not to accept certain demands of others, and no one can snatch this right.

What do you think you're not setting limits when needed?

If I look at the question, instead of asking "why" wonder "why" . The "why" connects you to the benefit or the meaning you give to do or act in certain ways . I submit that you're taking behavior always has a benefit that is behind that takes you to do so. In case you do not put limits wonder :

What is the benefit you're getting from not establish those boundaries when necessary?

Some benefits include:

Avoid face a possible rejection and disapproval.
Avoid taking charge of a situation for fear of not being able to cope with or control what comes next.
Staying in the " comfortable " zone because, even though the raisins bad for not setting limits, this has become "part" of your life ; a custom which makes you very uncomfortable out .
Other : fill in here with your own benefits.
As an experience , I remember a while I had the opportunity...

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...t would be catastrophic.

Determines if you consider that no action would pay the price.
If you choose not to pay the price to set limits , try to understand why and what you still keeping you in this situation. Put in the balance and check what else you can do ; may propose a time limit to try to fix the situation differently solved before other things that you consider necessary : strengthening you to have courage , finding you yourself determine what you want from your life, then good for preparing you emotionally, financially , etc ...

Are you ready to give this break to unfold in your life? .

Apply these steps and free yourself of those moods you are trapped : revenge, disagreements , anger , resentment , frustration, jealousy. If you set the limits with confidence , focus, design talks and perspective, you will see how things start to change in your life ..

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