Importance Of Setting Goals Essay

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Why is it so important to set goals? Well, many people set goals for many different reasons some people set them to achieve the next milestone others to keep themselves motivated. Others find setting goals as an inspiration, or a power booster to build up their ego 's. Then there are those that find stability and focus through goals setting in order to reach their highest potentials. While most people may have many goals to which they would like to see accomplished, some of them are clearly more at the top of the list than others. Like for instance, your job goals maybe at a higher priority than your personal ones therefore, you 'll take more initiative on meeting them quicker than normal. This is why I decided to make a…show more content…
My friends and I would sit outside for hours coming up with things we wanted to achieve in life, without thought we we 're actually setting our goals for our lives endeavors. From the time we are born to the day we leave this earth we all have a set mission, and that is to reach these goals while pushing ourselves to make new ones. Having goals gives you belonging, it opens your doors to bigger and better things to work harder towards while bettering yourself. Its something to look forward too day by day, however, it takes time so you need to take it step by step as you move closer and closer to reaching them. “Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it”( Remember when you set goals it takes pure commitment, along with a positive attitude for you to receive a positive outcome. You have to have will power, and be ready for change for this to be affective in all aspects. So, always use the best methods to your advantage, and if all else fails try a new approach at setting or meeting these
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