Importance Of Servant Leadership In Leadership

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From George Washington to Winston Churchill, decades of strong and driving leaders have helped to make the world go round. These great leaders have been known to use and learn certain techniques such as servant leadership, consensus building, ethical choices, and the common good to become significant people that better the community. One may ask, why are leaders needed? Well, in today’s chaotic world, stability is necessary. Leadership is the stability needed that determines right from wrong and that makes decisions for everyone. In the Youth Butler Leadership course, I have solved a community issue with the community project called “Let’s Dodging Destructive Driving”, learned and mastered new concepts of servant leadership to change myself,…show more content…
Each session date has helped me respect my authority figures even further because now I understand the challenges of being a leader. In addition to a new outlook on leadership, this course has improved my personality and values. Open-mindedness is one trait that was learned through this class. Being open-minded meant that as a leader, I had to understand that others have opinions to express and cannot be biased for or against it when making a consensus. Another value learned in this course that has helped my personality was compassion. Often times, I have been know to be “cold hearted” and “insincere”, but learning about compassion and how to help others before myself has really helped me to be more attentive towards others and their feelings. Lastly, more confidence has been gained through this experience. All of my life, I have been terrible at voicing my opinions and speaking up. Thankfully, this event has pushed me out of my comfort zone to build confidence. Overall, Leadership Butler has changed me and my future. Not only will it transform my leadership skills at school, but it will also change my future career leadership-wise. Hopefully, through clubs and organizations at school, I can encourage future leaders and make the school a better place. This course and final project has helped me develop leadership skill, become a better person, and influence

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