Importance Of Self Value Essay

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In life, the common virtue of existence is lead by your beliefs. However, important aspects of life often revolve around others’ opinions of you. One of the important belief that is frequently forgotten in an individual is self-value. Self-confidence, or self-value , is paramount to an individual as it is often what determines their characters. I believe that self-confidence doesn’t necessarily mean to be like a celebrity on television or people in soap operas, but just…show more content…
For instance, I grew up overconfident of my capability, but once I entered grade school, my confidence slowly started to plummet. From simple rejections to failing marks, I soon faced my inner self and started to doubt myself, I questioned everything about my choices. I remember the first day of middle school I spent hours the night before deciding on my outfit, crying on the floor simply because I felt nothing looked good on me. I cried so much to the point that when I reflect back, I pity myself. I threw a fit and destroyed my closet that I had to fix the very next day. After struggling with myself, I gave up and decided to go with my first choice, and on that day I learned a very important lesson. I questioned myself on why I would spend hours if at the end I was just going with my first choice, and have to spend hours at the end fixing my closet. I questioned, why did I need the perfect outfit if I was just going to school, not a wedding, a festival, or even a fashion show. Why? This answer is fairly simple, I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I remember praying that night every single one of my acne and my scars would evaporate like water, however, my prayers were all in vain. In addition, I learned that if I had a little more self-confidence in myself, then I will probably pick out my outfit in 5 minutes unlike spending hours of valuable time. Therefore, the common lesson I learned that will last me a lifetime, is to do what I feel is right for myself, and don’t dress to impress others simply because it isn’t worth
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