Importance Of Self Advocacy

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Self-advocacy is the ability to stand up for yourself, and for the things that are important to you. It’s asking for what you need, and expressing your thoughts and feelings with those around you. In order to be a self-advocate, you have to be fully aware of your own rights as a human, and speak up for those rights. You must take full responsibility for the choices and decisions you make, and try to learn from them or fix the ones that did not turn out so well. Self-advocacy is knowing what you want, what you need, what you do well, and what you may need assistance with doing. This also includes knowing your legal rights, what is best for you, and who to tell what information. Self-advocacy can empower people and give them the access they need to reasonable accommodations and strategies.…show more content…
You chose what was important to you, and voiced your thoughts and feeling to those around you. You productively worked to earn the things you want and the things you value in life. Once you master this skill, earning the things you need and want will become easier. Being a self-advocate does not mean that you will always get what you want. (CollegeParentCentral, 2016.) However, many times, effective communication does change the behavior of others. Self-advocacy involves effective communication. Using assertive communication to advocate for our wants and needs can help us achieve our goals, help us feel good about ourselves, develop positive relationships with others built on respect, and support our decision-making abilities. If you have relied on others to advocate for you in the past, once you enter college, you have to learn to communicate your own needs to others. You need to learn to speak up for yourself and to be assertive. Taking responsibility and control is not always an easy thing to

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