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Prashant Kumar
Hodge Essay
Protestants believe that the scriptures should be held above all else when it comes to Christianity. The “word” that is found in these scriptures is considered to be the rule of faith and practice. Hodge uses the example from the 39 articles in the Church of England that says scriptures contain everything necessary for salvation. This example is used by Hodge to add to his argument the importance of scripture. One of the major themes of Hodge’s work is that the Protestants believe that God is the inspiration for scriptures. The Protestants also believe that scripture tells us exactly what we need to know. The introduction to the text defines us three things that Protestants believes. The first is that they believe that Scriptures are the word of god and were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, secondly the scriptures contain supernatural revelations about God, and lastly the scriptures can be understood by the people without an interpreter or mediator.

The next part of the text focuses on the Protestant view on canonization. Romanists have a very different beliefs of what should be canonized compared to the Protestants. Protestants mainly recognize the books that involve Christ and the apostles. Protestants recognize these books as the word of God. Protestants also believe that many books in the Old Testament are known as the word of god according to the Holy Spirit. Protestants also canonize books that apostles viewed as sacred to Jews. Protestants also reject all of apocryphal books.

One of the major points stressed by Hodge in this essay is that the scriptures are infallible because they were written by the inspiration of God and the Holy Ghost. Hodge begins to describe the attri...

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...hat the inspiration of the inspiration of scriptures extends to its words. Christ says that scriptures cannot be broken. Christ and the apostles argued using the words of scriptures. The point of this argument that Hodge is making is that the scriptures need to be taken word for word.

The doctrine of Plenary Inspiration is a doctrine that says that all of a canon is inspired by the Holy Spirit not just certain parts like the Protestants believe. The church agrees with this doctrine saying that entire canons should be considered inspired by God and not just ones that are picked by the Protestants.

Hodge makes a great argument for the Protestants throughout this essay as he describes the importance and the origins of the scriptures. He backs up his argeuement by talking about how the Holy Spirit inspired the scriptures and communicates through the Apostles.
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