Importance Of Saving Our Environment Essay

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Saving Our Environment One Person at a Time We are all guilty of doing it, whether we realize it or not. We drink the liquid from that plastic bottle, or read your newspaper, or print enough copies for all of the people in Sumner County, all to be thrown in the trash bin. All of this trash causes a big waste problem and to get rid of the waste. For my research paper, I decided to write about recycling globally, including how other countries recycle, how countries feel about recycling and how recycling differs throughout the whole world, and how the world is “being green”. Unfortunately, many people use these products in our environment, yet no one does anything to recycle these items or even to help our environment. Every country has the…show more content…
Bangladesh have what are called shipbreaking yards (Gwin). When ships are scrapped in the developed world, the process is more strictly regulated and expensive, so the bulk of the world’s shipbreaking is done in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, where labor is cheap and oversight is minimal (Gwin). The process begins after a ship-breaker acquires a vessel from an international broker who deals in outdated ships (Gwin). A captain who specializes in beaching large craft is hired to deliver it to the breaker’s yard, generally a sliver of beach barely a hundred yards wide (Gwin). Once the ship is mired in the mud, its liquids are siphoned out, including any remaining diesel fuel, engine oil, and firefighting chemicals, which are resold (Gwin). Then the machinery and fittings are stripped (Gwin). Everything is removed and sold to salvage dealers—from enormous engines, batteries, generators, and miles of copper wiring to the crew bunks, portholes, lifeboats, and electronic dials on the bridge (Gwin). After the ship has been condensed to a steel hulk, crowds of laborers from the poorest parts of Bangladesh use acetylene torches to slice the carcass into pieces (Gwin). These are dragged off the beach by crews of loaders, then melted down and rolled into rebar for use in construction (Gwin). The problem with doing this is the damage it can cause (Gwin). Some of the men have scars from doing the job. Some had broken fingers, and others were blind in one or both of their eyes (Gwin). While saving the metal off of these ships is a good thing, it’s at the cost of the workers’