Importance Of Room Environment In The Classroom

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Room environment has a significant impact on a students learning process. The room environment includes anything, such as how the class is set up to how the teacher interacts with the students. If the room and teacher are boring, the student will also be bored as well. However, if the room is exciting and the teacher is dedicated to making learning fun, then the student will also find learning exciting. Mrs. Razo 's sixth grade class has a room that 's filled with excitement and potential at George W. Bush Elementary. The organization of Mrs. Razo 's classroom is arranged in a particular way to help enhance both learning and teaching. Over half her students are English Language Development (ELD) students, so she has these students sit on one …show more content…

Having the room divided the way it is, helps the students in a way that the ELD students can help and understand each other. Each desk is either facing or has an easy view of the white board, which is the front of the room. This not only enhances learning for students, but it makes the visibility of all students easy by having all the students facing the board, that way everyone can see without an issue. In the front center of the room, she has a table set up with the projector and a visual overhead. On this table she also has all her supplies (markers, pens, stapler, and so on) making it easily accessible when teaching from the front of the classroom. The way the room is set up makes doing simple chores easily accessible. Mrs. Razo has one group of five desks in the middle and sixteen desks on each side (four rows of …show more content…

Razo 's physical room or furniture. All of the desks and equipment are in good repair and are adequate for the sixth grade age group. There is a working phone in the room. The PA system is not only used for the bell (of course) and announcements, but it is also used to make calls from the office to the room and vice versa. There are also two computers in this classroom, which one is mainly used by Mrs. Razo to take roll and check her email, and seem relatively old. As for any other room environment features she also has various book shelves that hold DVDs for rainy days or education purposes and other teaching guides that she may want or need to recall to. Mrs. Razo 's teacher presence contributes a lot to the environment, as it would for any other teacher. She comes in excited to see her students everyday and shows each one of them that she cares by making sure each of her students are learning. Her teaching methods work for her class. Not only that she likes to call her students a family and will occasionally call a student, "Mija (daughter)" or "Mijo (son)", thinking of her students as children of her own. Mrs. Razo 's presence makes the class an exciting place to be, and that 's how all teachers should

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  • Analyzes how room environment affects a student's learning process. if the room and teacher are boring, the student will also be bored.
  • Explains how mrs. razo's classroom is arranged in a particular way to enhance both learning and teaching.
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