Importance Of Risk Management In Homeland Security

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There is a lot of complexity in understanding risk management and its correlation to homeland security. Risk management is a way to approach the fact that securing the homeland is not certain and there are unknown variables in every aspect of life; risk management is a way to narrow down the focus based on quantifiable information determining probability against capability. Risk management plays and integral role in homeland security. Risk management is employed using a formula described in the NIPP for establishing a narrow scope to make the best decision about protecting infrastructure. The risk management formula lays down the foundation to make the most reasonable determination based on the potential consequences, vulnerability, and…show more content…
Real-world events is probably the more significant of the group; using a risk management program allows decision makers access to critical information related to potential outcomes of an event/incident. The decision makers use the information to exam the most appropriate and lower risk approach to an event/incident. The NIPP risk management program used the risk management for three specific threats, physical, cyber, and human to protect CIKRs (U.S. DHS 2009, p.33). When risk management is implemented correctly and all areas assessed thoroughly, it can produce the best course of action to protect homeland security infrastructure over a larger area through the cooperation of and between the different NIPP established sectors. Exercise planning and risk management work well together exercises also provide feedback for risk management for real-word events. Exercising the possibilities of an incident/event provide a realistic basis for establishing certain understanding of an incident without the high risk associated with a real-world
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