Importance Of Reflective Practice In Nursing

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I was a nurse at government hospitals. I am served for thirteen years. I graduated from nursing college under the government. Five years of my served, I take course oncology post basic. I take care of patients receiving palliative chemotherapy and completely palliative patients. My ward has six nurses have a diploma in nursing and six health care assistants. My ward has eight beds. My work schedule is based on a shift. Three times a daytime. In my workplace as a learning environment I find three areas for improvement. Heavy workload gave me improve my workplace. However, Esther Kirby (May 2014) explains if each patient received one intervention taking about thirty minutes, then the eight hours working day shift is easily failed because…show more content…
This situation can occur, such as the patient lack of attention, then patient fall and it is probable that the patient will die because nurses are slow to act. Nicloe Favell, Deddie James and Cecil Elwood Holland (2012) explain patient safety be affected by the deficit of nurses, staff while may be a stressful and unhappy because neglected work of patient. Poor team work gives me to improve my work place. Team work is very important in patient care. According Jeninifer ward (Jan 14.13) teamwork is emphasized and valued every member work together to improve patient care. Reflective practice can improve the quality of nursing service. Reflective practice can advance critical thinking, enhancing professional nursing. According by Oelofsa N (2012), explain the reflection practice is an essential skill for nurses impact their patients fundamental health and well-being needs on a daily basis. I want to give Gibbs the reflection model…show more content…
In addition, patients can also get infected nosocomial if treated do not follow procedures. This situation is explained by Pasacale Caryon (2005) and Giddens J. F (2013) says heavy nursing workloads adversely affect patient safety. Lack of teamwork nurses leaving the profession negative effect on the quality of patient care, safety issue and unresolved conflict.
Based on the events, I can say that all this happens because there are no planning before starting the job, other than that I also do not know how to manage time according to the circumstances and needs of patients. Similarly, the less communicate with other staff makes teamwork is not effective. I think while there are to load in necessity and patient safety must come first. Making something in the real procedures is essential in maintaining safety patients mainly from the get infected nosocomial.
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