Importance Of Reflection In Writing

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Reflective Introduction I began the semester with some knowledge of the different types of writing, and I learned why my audience is so important. Knowing my audience helps me make decisions on what information to include in my papers, how I should arrange my information, and what kind of supporting details will be necessary for my reader to understand what I am presenting. I learned that tone in writing can be very powerful, and I liked how I could express my attitude through my papers. I discovered tones can change rapidly or remain the same throughout a piece of text. The class and I have been working on group activities such as Peer Review Forms, Inquizitive, D2L’s every Tuesday, and four paper packets. Everything I have done this semester…show more content…
Medical Marijuana was the topic and I chose it because it is a highly discussed topic and there are many sources related to my topic. My prewriting consisted of Making a bullet point list on how the structure should be in my paper. I had the purpose, Background with the history of the topic, blend in quotes, methods of research with key words and a timetable. This paper has way more structure than the memoir, and profile of a current event. It is typed in a professional manner. Presents a lot of facts. Researching my topic was fun and interesting because I had to blend in quotes and read more in depth than I usually would. If I had more time I would have added more quotes and sources in my paper. The processes that work best for me is thinking about my topic then making a bullet list of important points to mention in my paper, and once that is done I will type my rough draft. Somebody will revise it then I will go back and correct any errors. Brainstorming and thinking hard about how I should word my sentences help a lot too, and web clusters, venn diagrams are good resources to use. These are all techniques I will take with me into the…show more content…
When I take my time I can elaborate and connect with my audience. I need to work on not being choppy when I type and use better transition words. Know how to use punctuation correctly, and understand the basics of writing a little bit better. What I will carry out this class is to demonstrate understanding of rhetorical situation and elements of published essays, nonfiction, and fiction by way of active and critical reading. This course improved some of my vocabulary. I learned many new things about business writing and personal writing. I explored different ways to write and that was the biggest thing I will take with
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