Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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Reading may possibly be one of the most essential necessary skills academic success. Therefore, finding operational ways to teach reading is vital for educating people of all ages and demographics. Nevertheless, since reading weighs so heavily on education and core knowledge, there is great responsibility among educators of elementary school students to produce a concrete foundation of the basic fundamentals of reading, and teach students how to read properly. Reading instruction is a very complex process that requires a multi-dimensional approach. Effective teachers understand that reading instruction is not one-size-fits-all. Effective teachers understand that each student is a unique individual, and that each student learns
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First grade students learning phonemes will be immersed in a print-rich environment to develop oral language skills. This will later translate to developing phonetic skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and an awareness of print materials as sources of information and enjoyment.
Successful teachers create lessons that foster the student ability to orally identify, produce, and manipulate various units of speech sounds within words. One way that this can be done is to use activity that teach students to create rhyming words. Not only does this allow students to enjoy being creative, it also allows students to establish mental connections between sounds and words that share the same consonance, vowels, and make the same sound.
This lesson can be an non-formal pre-assessment before teaching students to count phonemes (sounds) in one-syllable words. When students understand the concept behind rhyming words, they then associate that words that rhyme may have the same amount of syllables. After a student has demonstrated the ability to identify, create and associate on syllable words, a teacher can begin to teach multi-syllable words using the same
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Practical educators understand that they key in this phase of reading, comes from teaching students to recognize that individual letters and certain letters together create specific repeated sounds. Successful teachers must aide students in having a well-founded understanding of phonemes in order to form letter-sound correspondences and recognize spelling patterns. When teachers assist students in doing so, it leads to helping the students learn how to apply this knowledge in their reading. As mentioned above, a starting point in phonics instruction comes from assessing the prior knowledge of the student. This allows teachers to create lessons and plans that offer diversity and give students a fair chance to understand
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