Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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1.1 Background of study
Learning a language is an interesting and attracting thing to do. English language is one of the subjects that is taught at schools. Since English is an international language, the board of education decided that English must be taught as a subject in Indonesia, from elementary school up to university.
As we know that English language teaching has may relate to four skills; they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Reading as one of the English skill is very important in the teaching learning process because reading can help students their understanding through texts. Teaching reading does not only relate to reading the text but also to comprehending the content of the text. In academic context students need to comprehend and deal with all reading aspects and difficulties.
Reading comprehension is not just a receptive process, it implies a complex process in which the readers identify basic information and are able to predict, to infer, to argue and to recognize writers‟ points of view. According to Partnership (2005) reading comprehension is about understanding a text which is read through the process of constructing meaning from a text.
In general, the point of reading is made up of recognizing or identifying, interpreting, and responding the components of a written message. It means that, in this case students have to understand and interpret the meaning of words or symbols in a text to achieve their own goals or interests.
In getting the all components of information and acquiring the meaning in a written message, many students find some difficulties because they have to go through a certain process in solving the puzzle in the message. Other difficulties also can be found by students from th...

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...nning technique?
3. To find out the effectiveness of scanning technique in teaching reading

1.5 The significance of the study
This study is expected to:
1. Contribute to the EFL teaching methodology where scanning techniques is used as an alternative technique in teaching and learning reading.
2. Enhance students and teacher knowledge related to reading skills.
3. Develop students and teachers creativity in the teaching learning process of reading.

1.6 Limitation of the study
This study focuses on the effectiveness of Scanning Technique to improve students’ reading skill in narrative text achievement for the Eleventh Graders of SMA Islam Sultan Agung 1 Semarang in the academic year 2013/2014.

1.7 Definition of Key Terms
To make the topic easy to understand, the writer defines the key term used in this study. They are:
1. Scanning

2. Reading

3. Narrative Text
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