Importance Of Reading

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Learning to Read Today, many children are not being taught by their parents how to read. As a child, I remember reading When You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Cat and the Hat with my mom. She would help me sound out difficult words and push me to be a better reader. Throughout elementary school teachers required students to read many books which helped improve my vocabulary. After finishing elementary I moved up to middle school where reading was no longer mandatory unless I was working on a school assignment. My love for reading quickly vanished after that. Reading books allowed me to be myself throughout elementary school; helping me meet my AR goal each nine weeks and has helped me become less shy and more involved in school and the people around me. In the beginning school was not easy for me. I was a shy student who did not enjoy meeting new people. The thought of going to school on the first day always made me nauseas. After…show more content…
Previously I mentioned how I was shy and I didn’t like talking to new people. Once I was in high school and was not busy reading books, I was able to speak up and talk to many different people around me. I was not afraid to include myself in class discussions and I would even volunteer to get in front of the class if the teacher needed me to. Reading helped strengthen my vocabulary which helped me boost my confidence when talking in front of a lot of people. I even became brave enough to sing and later joined show choir at my high school. I have a job where I talk with customers and I can be myself and not worry about what to say next. I have stopped worrying and letting others’ feelings toward me affect the way I live my life. Now being a senior in high school I cannot imagine my life if I was still the shy little girl I used to be. Reading has blessed me in many
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