Importance Of Public Procurement In Malaysia

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Public procurement plays a vital role in establishing developed nation in order to fulfill the vision and mission through financial assistant by the government. Based on CIPS Australia, procurement is an identification, sourcing, access and management of external sources for business process management where it is a need for any organization to fulfill its strategic mission and vision. Public procurement of innovative products is seen by many as one of the most promising innovation and industrial policy tools of our time. (Cabral et al., 2006; Ruttan, 2006) (as cited in Rainer K and Veiko L, 2010). Based on the definition given, Malaysia government should allocate more in certain areas in order to be the developed nation which helps in giving…show more content…
1) The allocation of public procurement is needed more in public services and public transportation as in developed countries public services should provide in better manner as government should fulfill the needs of their people while public transportation should make its people move comfortably without times consuming. Income level of Malaysian should make higher as it effecting the education and level of Malaysian happiness which make their health worsen and lower the standard of Malaysian living. Therefore, Malaysia Government procurement needs transformation by focusing more on improvement of public services, public transportation and establishment of required income…show more content…
Khairul Saidah Abas Azmi and Alifah Aida Lope Rahman (2015, pg 151) state that “according to Mansor(2008), the need for the implementation of e-procurement in Malaysia is driven from the ICT’s evolution in order to ensure continuous supply of product and services, achieve best value for money contract, encourage local industries growth, encourage technology of transfer and encourage use of alternative sources. This clearly shows that collaboration between business sectors and the government can improve public sector became more effective. If there are problems between business agents and the government, people will suffer because do not get enough supply for their daily life and make economy became unstable. The growing of industries will help to increase the economy of the country because the two parties have joint hand together to make sure the continuous of the

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