Importance Of Professionalism In The Medical Profession

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Nowadays we can see professionalism present in every career. Professionalism is required to help a companies or any working facilities to easily solve their problems so that they can generate the best outcomes of their services. In the medical aspect, Professionalism is importantly needed because this working field is extremely responsible to human life. Medical staff need to show their professional in order to avoid preventable accidents which can cause regretful losses and to keep our community always happy and healthy. So what does professionalism mean? As Alistair Cooke said: “a professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn’t particularly feel like it.” The definition seems to be simple for some people, but there…show more content…
We are humans and humans including professionals will make mistakes sometimes. People tend to hide the mistake because they want to look good to other people. Professional will not let this happen because they know that being honest and admitting their errors will help them improve the quality of work. Honesty is extremely important in the medical field. Medical professionals understand that a small error can result in false treatment which harms patient’s health. Therefore, errors need to be always notified so medical practitioners can find a way to fix it or improve…show more content…
Membership in professional organizations will allow them to do so. We know that our health system keeps changing and updating with new technology or method in order to provide the best care as we could. Being a member of a professional organization will allow health practitioners to learn new diagnostic procedures, new treatment methods as well as new disease preventions. Besides, Membership in professional organizations will be also helpful for newly graduation professionals. professionals usually take a quite a lot of time for their study, usually four years long. That time is long enough to make some students partially forget their study. Being connected with a professional organization will allow new graduates to retent their essential knowledge and their professional characteristic that healthcare practitioners need to have. The US healthcare system requires graduate students get nation license board before they can actually practice in hospitals or any health care facilities. Professional organizations will be helpful sources for them to guide them to get their license as well as renewing their license after a specific period of
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