Importance Of Productivity In Organizational Effectiveness

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• Retention strategies help builds a better internal environment that creates positivity in the minds of all employees.
4.2 Importance of Productivity to Organizational Effectiveness
Workforce productivity is the amount of goods and services that a worker produces in a specific period of time. This is also a term used in order to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of a staff member in any given organization. This can be used also as a measurement in understanding exceptional talent in any organization.

Productivity is key in any organizational business performance. Higher productivity generally creates a higher chance for a business to perform. Lower employee productivity affects the business performance.
4.3 Raising Employee Productivity
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The competition in the local market is severe and the support needed from all aspects of the business is important in order to face the stiff nature in current market. STO shouldn’t be losing exceptional skill and talents to direct competitors as it would put the entire business at harm ways in terms of losing concepts, revenue and market share and profitability in the long run.
The top management needs to constantly spend time developing methodologies to engage with current employees. Constantly engaging clears misunderstandings and helps boost employee motivation level and confidence. Good communication flow creates a sense of belonging in the mindsets of the employees.
A skills audit should be conducted and it will provide information of requirement for skills updates to STO. Skills development methodologies such as trainings, mentoring etc. With the uplifting of skills, the ability for an employee to perform a task effectively and efficiently increases substantially. This in return delivers business performance and facilitates a positive employee motivation as
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It is important to understand that the contribution from all levels is required in order to meet the demanding objectives of the business. Therefore it is important for the company to develop a financial return that can be benefited at all levels. These incentives can be in the form of financial returns or non-financial gains.
It is important to develop a methodology that carries feedback to all levels (employees, teams and departments). The communication of this feedback needs to be done at a regular basis and at a much more constructive manner. This helps the employee to measure the performance and adjusts where ever is necessary.
Productivity and training and development are interlinked. Productivity can be enhancing as a result of training and development at the right stage. A skill audit can be used to understand gaps in skills and productivity and based on the results the company needs to adopt specific training and development methodologies to uplift
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