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1.1. The meaning of private life The core notion of the Article 8 of ECHR is the notion of “the right to private life”. At the beginning it should be examined the notion of private life and then what the right of private life consist of. The term of private life is a familial term to everyone; we are witnesses that this concept is part of our everyday life. Even though it is an important part of our life, in many cases it is most elusive. Paulo Coelho stated: “people are very reluctant to talk about their private life, but when they go to internet they are much more open“ . So we must at first respect our private life and then the others to respect it. Changes in technologies and many social networks are going to destroy our private life but always with our consciousness, they made our life more
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In this respect, the right of private life protected in Article 8 plays a direct role in relation to Article 9 (thought conscience and religion), Article 10 (expression), Article 11 (assembly, association), Article 5 (liberty), Article6 (fair trail), and Article 12 (founding family) . All those articles are interrelated with each other, because if we don’t have privacy, we also do not have the right of expressions, thought and religions, and vise versa. Article 8, paragraph (1) of ECHR, says:” everyone has the right to respect his private and family life, his home and his correspondence”, so it is clear that the private life has a general regulation in the ECHR. According to this regulation it is not very clearly exactly what contains the notion of private life, which rights are included in the notion of private life, etc. The ECtHR relating to the concept of private life said

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