Importance Of Presentation In Business Presentation

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Chp 12 1. Highlight the importance of presentations in your business career, and explain how to adapt the planning step of the three-step process to presentation. Presentations give the opportunity to use all your communication skills, from research to writing to speaking. • Understand the audience informational needs and anticipate the likely emotional state of your listeners during the presentation. • Although presentation consists only of purely oral medium, presentations are increasingly involving integration with a variety of electro media. • You need to decide whether to create a conventional linear presentation or a non-linear presentation. 2. Describe the task involved in developing a presentation. To compose a presentation, break it down into three essential parts: •…show more content…
• Building your network so you and your connections can help each other in the job search process. • Selekgn career counselors if appropriate • Avoiding the easily avoidable mistakes can ruin your chances of getting a job. 2. Explain the process of planning your resume, including how to choose the best resume organization. Planning a resume starts with recognizing what it is; a persuasive, message designed to get you a job interview. Choosing the best resume organization depends on your background and your goals. a chronological resume helps employers easily locate necessary information. A functional resume helps employers easily see what you can do for them, allows you to emphasize earlier job experience, and lets you down play any lengthy periods of unemployment or a lack of carrier progress. 3. Describe the tasks involved in writing your resume, and list the sections to consider including in your resume. The major sections to consider including un your resume are. • Your name and contact information. • An introductory statement, which can be a career objective. • Your

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