Importance Of Practice Gratitude

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5 Easy Ways To Practice Gratitude

I. What is Gratitude?
Gratitude helps us see our situation in a way that can calm our minds and open up our thinking to new solutions. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, people aren’t hardwired to be grateful. And, like any skill worth having, gratitude needs practice.
Not only does gratitude make us happier, but it also strengthens our relationships and helps us form a clear perspective. Besides, when we are aware of our blessings and appreciate them regularly, the universe showers us with all the more blessings. This works on the simple philosophy of “Law of Attraction”, which states that you attract what you are.
II. How To Practice Gratitude?
Turn every day into Thanksgiving Day and attract more blessings into your life with these simple & effective techniques.
1. Write A Gratitude Letter
Recollect a friend, colleague or a family member who did something really wonderful for you. Write a letter to him/her expressing just
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Look For The Positive In Negative
When you start looking for the “good” in every situation, your life can transform manifold times. Having an optimistic & gratuitous outlook in the roughest of times not only increases your vibrational energy, but also helps you attract those with positive energy. Positivity is like a muscle that can become strong only with hard work. So keep flexing your positivity muscle and watch how it changes your day, week, month and eventually life.
3. Prepare A Gratitude Journal
Someone has rightly said that feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. We all certainly have at least five things to be grateful for every single. Record all such things in a journal, along with the reason why you’re thankful for it. Always place this journal on your work desk so that it keeps reminding you of your blessings. To get you started, here’s a list of 15 things you can be grateful for.
• Your family
• Your friends (work, school or neighbourhood)
• Your

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