Importance Of Powerlifting

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Going through life, everyone experiences successes and failures, along with the ability to try new things. Starting high school, I never would have imagined myself going outside my inclusive bubble of my own interests. The first time I heard of Powerlifting was from my friend, Jayme, freshman year. She opened the idea of joining, but I thought Powerlifting wouldn't be for me. During my freshman year, Jayme invited me to attend the State Powerlifting Event. My initial plan was to go and support her. To my surprise, I was fascinated by the sport and wanted to learn more about it. Through listening, and watching videos of people lifting, I started to gain a lingering passion for Powerlifting.When I joined Powerlifting, my sophomore year, I was able to adventure outside of my comfort zone and find that my failures leads…show more content…
Through Powerlifting I was able to find an equal balance between patience and confidence. For someone to succeed, they have to set their minds to their goal. When I heard over the intercom, that there was a Powerlifting meeting after school, I eagerly waited for the end of the school day. The ideas of what could happen and what can happen just kept replaying over and over in my mind. Through listening at the meeting, I became aware of my interest in health and fitness. Prior to my sophomore year, I never had an interest in pursuing “healthy habits” at all. During Powerlifting competitions, one is judged on the performance and the ability to squat, bench, and deadlift. Going into Powerlifting, I knew I wasn't by any means strong. The first day of Powerlifting, I was nervous and I did not portray any self

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