Importance Of Police Officer

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Police officers are an important part of our society and our criminal justice system today. Police officers have a very complex job, they are held to a higher extent by societies, who expect police officers to be able to solve every problem, and they are limited in what they can do due to the expectations set by their administration. Police officers have various roles that they are expected to maintain. According to the police mission and mandate, a police officer must be able to reduce crime and maintain order, reduce the fear of crime, solve neighborhood problems and improve the overall quality of life, and develop a better relationship with the community. I feel the most important roles of an officer are to reduce the fear of crime and be…show more content…
Overall, I feel that reducing the fear of crime is one of the most important roles of a police officer because fear negatively affects every part of the quality of life in our communities. People decide where they are going to live, work, and send their kids to schools based on the presence of safety in that community. Although it is important for police officers to keep people safe it is also vital that they feel safe. In order to reduce the fear of crime police departments have to be able to measure and analyze it. Police departments need to go out and talk to the communities and listen to their concerns, they need to do neighborhood surveys. Police departments need to be able to identify which neighborhoods have the highest fear of crime and they need to implement ways to reduce that fear. There are some ways that I believe that police officers can reduce the fear or crime in their communities. I believe that an increase in police visibility and motorized patrol throughout the day will help in reducing both the fear of crime and crime itself. If people see more police officers or patrol cars in their neighborhoods they are less likely to commit crimes because they do not want to get caught. Another strategy I think might help
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