Importance Of Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

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Pledge allegiance to the flag is a fifteen second pledge which was first composed by Francis Bellamy in the year 1892. He was a socialist minister who died in the year 1931. Bellamy, as he was composing the song, he wanted to come up with a song for loyalty stand to the country in which it could be used by all countries and not only in united states of America. The first time it was published was on an article in the states called “The Youth 's Companion,” on the 8th of September 1892. It was a sign of loyalty to the country and all its endeavors. Francis had an idea in mind that all people should be required to sing the pledge or recite by law. It forms the national anthem to the allegiance of the United States. The congress adopted the…show more content…
An oath is a statement of fact or more so a promise that one will abide by the truth and only the truth and that if the oath is broken, one will be liable under it (John, 2008). Children were first introduced to the system of reciting the poem in the year 1892 when they first recited the poem on Columbus Day celebrations held on 12th October. From there onwards, they started reciting it on each and every day of school. As we can understand as to why the government and other organizations as well as the adults recite this allegiance pledge, there is no valid reason as to why the children should be forced to sing it as well. Children are not free thinkers in that they will always succumb to pressure and other environmental factors. This is why their parents or their guardians are responsible for them and they make decisions on their behalf, for example, decisions concerning school attendance. Until the age of 16 years, a person is still considered a child and that they are known not to keep promises and that if they break promises no one should punish them. Therefore, for this reason, the children should not be forced to sing the pledge because it is a holy pledge to the country, something that children do not know about. It was until in the recent past that the Supreme Court in the United States ruled in favor of the children not to…show more content…
The pledge of allegiance to the United States is like a prayer or an oath of which citizens make to protect and respect the country and its flag. Children do not have the independence to uphold by the oath people make while they recite. I believe that over half of them just recite for the sake of it or because it is mandatory and they do not mean the words there in (Richard, 2006). I think that the public schools should not be forced to recite the pledge but should be made optional. Those in the schools do not exactly know what they do and are strictly under the guidance of their parents and teachers. Therefore, they should be allowed to at least reach the minimum drinking age or become adults who can make their own

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