Importance Of Plant Growth Due To Orientation

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Connor Leste, Adamo DeVito, Bruno Gasperetti Mrs. Brown Biology Pd.#2 26 March 2014 Plant Growth Due To Orientation Knowing which way to grow your plant quickly and effectively has been a very important topic in the gardening industry since people have started gardening. From which pots you use, to what climate you live in, and even what fertilizer you might use, these have all been questions on how to grow your plant. But one of the most important factors into growing a quick and perfectly healthy plant is the plants orientation. So we ask,” How does a plants orientation affect its growth?” We set out to find the answer to this question by planting the same plant in three separate pots. One facing up right, another hanging upside down, and the last placed evenly on its side. Taking care of the plants, we took notes on each plant every day carefully examining each plants growth. We found that the plant on its side grew the most, followed by the plant upside down, and then the plant that was upright. The out come of the growth of the sideways plant astonished us. We all predicted...
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