Importance Of Plagiarism

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Plagiarism Tools Are Necessary in the Academic World
The academic world is always undergoing changes that are meant to improve studying and enhance knowledge. In recent times, a significant change has been the introduction of a tool to combat plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to the act of using someone’s works or ideas as if it is your own and failure to include an acknowledgement of the author. Plagiarism is a serious crime in the academic milieu and sanctions include outright dismissal from the academic institution. Students are required to correctly indicate the source materials they use in academic papers and also not exceed a certain percentage of outside sources. In order to detect the percentage of work in an academic paper that is taken
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Sincerity is a virtue that can help an individual student as he or she progresses in his or her career. The awareness that their papers will be examined using the plagiarism tools with regard to the level at which they have used other people’s works bolster students to be sincere because they do not want to face the consequences of plagiarism. Apart from writing their papers using their own ideas, students also show sincerity by ensuring that they avoid plagiarism by properly documenting any idea that they get from different authors. All this is because they know that their lecturers will use anti-plagiarism tools like Turnitin or Copycat to check for similarity and sanction them if plagiarism is committed. According to Martin N. Sunders in his article titled “The Benefits of Anti-Plagiarism Software,” the introduction of the software in assessing students’ academic papers has established awareness in students such that even when the software is not used, many students are sincere enough to document their sources and use more of their ideas (24). Therefore, sincerity becomes a habit for students because they know that anti-plagiarism software is used on their works, and such virtue of sincerity helps them even later on in their careers and in their day-to-day…show more content…
Through academic papers, students generate ideas and knowledge that leads to the expansion of knowledge as a whole. Limiting the extent at which students use outside sources in their works obliges students to be more analytical and critical thinkers and end up adding in the knowledge bank in their respective fields. Again, this is made possible through the use of the software that detects plagiarism because it deters students from copying others’ works and use as theirs. In his article titled “Plagiarism Checking Tool: Benefits for Scholars and Writers,” Jones Connery indicates that apart from benefiting scholars and writers, the plagiarism software has a huge benefit for the academic sphere because knowledge is advanced through the contributions made by students
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