Importance Of Personal Selling

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Personal selling is a process of helping and persuading one or more prospects to purchase a good or service or to act on any idea through the use of an oral presentation. Personal selling is a one part of the promotion mix, the various ways businesses choose to reach or communicate with their customers. Communications-mix allocations vary between consumer and business markets. Consumer marketers tend to spend comparatively more on sales promotion and advertising whereas business marketers tend to spend more on personal selling. Personal selling can be very persuasive and manipulative especially more with complex, expensive and risky goods and in markets with fewer and larger sellers. Personal
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Human resources is the most crucial aspect of an organizations success. By managing their human resources and motivating, training, improving and rewarding their employees companies can create a benchmark in the field of recruitment. Companies who are able to meet their corporate objectives are those who believe in innovation, launching new products on regular basis, believe in hiring and invest on talented and creative people. Their people are kept motivated by incentives and promotion based on meritocracy and they also keep their suppliers and labors happy. This essentially means the employees must be literally driven to feel motivated and become active performers that would result in a positive work environment and enhanced productively levels. For this it is important to understand exactly what motivates people. The employees are the most valuable asset of a business hence, the recruitment and selection procedure it adopts has a significant role in attracting potential employees for a right position, at right time. Recruitment and selection procedures are predominant for sales positions and are part of human resource planning. Each stage of the recruitment and selection process should be planned and precisely implemented for gaining desirable results. Job analysis, job description and personal specification should be developed accurately for determining the vacancy criteria. Recruitment procedure should be effective for attracting potential staffs. During the selection processes, applicant’s skills are evaluated if they meet the positions requirement. Recruitment and selection process result into low employee turnovers further engaging responsible and dependable
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