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I am lucky enough to say I have just accepted an internship offer not too long ago. The company I just accepted is called VWR, a publicly traded company dealing with the distribution of research laboratory equipment. For my sales internship, I go into research labs, introducing the people in the labs with new products that will either save them money, save them time, or make life easier when doing work. I also handle a lot of the administrative work such as getting pricing for clients and handling calls a client might have. This all started with a simple email I received in December. Normally I would disregard any job offer through an email, but something about this email felt like it was personally written, rather than a mass email. After…show more content…
The list consist of the direct deposit account, system log-in, conformations and agreements. I also was required to take a drug test, because I am working in a field related to medicine, it necessary for new members to take this test. In this regard, when does these forms, this is when I started to see that professional and formal image of a company. I supposed you can’t have every aspect of a company be informal, but in cases dealing with legality and eligibility, a strict and precious style is required for…show more content…
Not long after that I had my first contact as a VWR member with Stephanie. We schedule a day where we could meet and help guide me through some of the programs they use, as well as the new product the was introduced not too long ago. At this meeting I had a chance to meet with other interns too, this would great for me because they also came from CU Boulder and I got the opportunity to ask how they thought of the job, and find out what is and is not working for them. It’s a way for me to get some reassurance that I made the right decision. I realize with this job, I was encourage to have work independence and

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