Importance Of Personal Negotiation

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I have chosen to take this elective subject, as there were many cases in my personal life where I failed to negotiate and explain myself properly. After participating in the simulations and listening to the lecture, then I can see where I failed and what I have done wrong before. The theoretical part of the subject was highly beneficial as I could see what should have been done differently; the simulations were also extremely useful because they gave me an opportunity to apply myself and the newly gained knowledge. I can surely say that these approach of learning and then practicing is highly effective, especially when it comes to learning new techniques in my real life negotiations.
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Throughout the courses I had noticed that in a team each person would always take up a role, for example that of a decision-maker or an observer. The simulation has been vital in improving my negotiation skills by teaching me what makes a good negotiator. It has helped me correct my biggest mistake by emphasizing that an effective negotiator does not only think of what he wants out of the negotiation but is also capable of identifying the needs of the other party. Learning how to use specific tactics but also being able to change them in order to facilitate the negotiation process has been the main competence I have gained. This has reinforced my creativity as well since finding different methods of negotiation and possible solution requires creative thinking in order to produce unique ways of persuading. My creativity was put into practice during the case study exercise when I had to make a decision which would result in mutual benefit and when I had to find different methods of solving the problems…show more content…
It is indubitable that the communication skills have taught me how to get prepared before negotiation and how to make a good impression when conversing with them. I had the opportunity to practice and improve this skill in class-Union vs. Management which brought me into contact with our team members from counterpart. For example, knowing how to persuade but also please the other party is essential for a successful and rigid negotiation process. The skills I developed through this negotiation will be essential in building my future career in business but will also help me reach my targets through building relationships with important people. Throughout the courses I had noticed that in a team each person would always take up a role, for example that of a decision-maker or an observer. Through the course and simulation, I realized my lack of leadership. In the future I will aim to strengthen my leadership by being conscious of the particularities found in other people and also by constantly practicing and gathering feedback from peers. In this way I will be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and try new ways to improve myself. I will then be able to correct
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