Importance Of Performance Appraisal

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Appraisal is a process which is carried by managers or consultants of any organization to evaluate the employee’s work behavior. Then these results are compared with present standards. These results are very important as managers can provide feedback to employees. These results will help managers to explain the employees where they need improvement and why.
Performance appraisals act as career development and it helps in reviewing of employee performance within organizations. Even though no performance appraisal is perfect, an evaluation of their past performance is experienced by most of the employees. Appraisal process helps in determining that which employees needs training and who should be promoted, demoted, retained or fired.
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With these tools they can know and analyze their employee’s abilities and achievements during a given period. After performance appraisal their results can be used by managers to take necessary actions that can motivate employees’ to improve their performance.
One of the important part of performance management is performance appraisal which is carried by line managers. This is one of the way to give feedback to the employees how the employees are performing. This process provides employee with recognition for their work efforts. This way supervisor indicates the employees that organization is interested in their performance and development. This recognition has a positive motivational influence on the individual’s how worth and committed they are. Motivation of employees can improve productivity. Employees sees his or her goals, accept challenges and perform accordingly. Managers can make meeting
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These programs not only provide multiple benefits to employees but also to the organization. Employee training and developmental plans can be initiated for various reasons for an employee or group of employees. The main motive of employee training and development is to increase the performance improvement through performance appraisal. It improves the status performance and helps in overall professional development program. To pilot or test the operation of a new system and to train employees about a specific topic. These type of training and development can increase morale and job satisfaction among employees’ which could lead to increased employee motivation. These kind of employee training and development programs will prepare staff to successfully carry out mission of the
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