Importance Of Ownership

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Ownership, and it’s connection to self-development, has been debated by philosophers for centuries. Some, such as Plato, feel ownership is harmful to self-development, while others, such as Aristotle, claim that ownership is beneficial to self-development. However ownership can be beneficial to sense of self, and ownership acts as a portrait for one’s identity.
Ownership is often used by people as a way to show who one is and to leave an impression on other people. People often identify success and wealth with material objects, such as a nice house, a car or two, and numerous possessions. If one has these possessions, they are generally seen as successful. In this way, ownership allows people to shape their own identity based on who they want to be. I personally know a few such people, and they are seen as successful due to their possessions, when in reality they are only mildly successful. This can also be harmful, such as if one became too caught up in putting on a false identity and never really found their true self. While this is true, many people do not go this far, and use...
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