Importance Of Occupational And Physical Therapy

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Personal Fit Paper Through out my life I did not have a specific dream job that I wanted to pursue, I knew that I wanted to help people and make a difference somehow but I was never sure exactly how. As I got older my interest in the medical field grew and I knew that I wanted to pursue that farther so I began to look at programs within the healthcare system when I was in high school. However, I had a hard time finding one that seemed to fit me until I found the field of Rehabilitation and for the first time I could picture myself with a future career. Through this paper I will be exploring my previous experiences with this field and how those drove me to enter into the Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant diploma program here at the college of Medicine Hat. As well as how the knowledge and experience that I have gained from this program has further shaped the vision I have of my future career as an Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant. When acknowledging what has influenced me towards a helping profession I need to first give credit to my mother. As a special needs worker with 28 years of experience my mother has a background based largely in physical therapy, it was not uncommon for my mother to take on private respite contacts with children and work from our home with these clients. This meant that throughout my childhood I have been exposed to various disabilities, medical conditions and the work that many of these individuals require. This allowed me to acquire a very strong understanding of how difficult but rewarding a helping profession can be. I got to see firsthand how much my mother loved her work and how continuous rehabilitation work like physical therapy can make a difference, from major mile... ... middle of paper ... ... hospital after surgery. Although I do have an interest in working within Occupational Therapy unfortunately I was only able to see a total of three clients in both of job shadows so I was not able to see a lot of hands on work done, but I was able to get a better understanding of what an assistants role may be when they do not have clients. As mentioned in my TAPC 110 class I did observe some of the clerical work, cleaning, equipment maintaince work that is often done by assistants (cite). While this is not the most exciting work it is still important and it contributes to client safety and ensuring that clients receive quality care. Since both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are such broad fields I am still open to working in either and going forward I am looking forward to hopefully see more of both of these fields as I continue in the program.
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