Importance Of Observation In The Classroom

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During observations, I saw a lot of different methods to teach, control, and mold children. Most of the things I observed I liked, only in one class did I see something that made me uncomfortable but even then I was not too unsettled. The classes I observed all showed me applications of ideas that were discussed in class but they added their own twist on to it or they merged multiple ideas to suit their needs and make for a better learning environment. Student happiness is a huge factor in the amount of learning that happens in the classroom; the happier the student is the more they will pay attention and learn. Nel Noddings thinks that “when something gives us pleasure, we are inclined to study it more carefully” (Noddings, Happiness…show more content…
In the kindergarten class, students sat on a carpet away from all of the tables that are used only for their small groups, I think this was done because it separated group learning and individual learning in a physical way. I think this is a good method of indirectly letting students know they all learn different because first they have group learning where the teacher will try to teach all of the students the same way but then she lets them each pick a different station with different styles of learning but they all learn the same thing. Teachers use this set up, I think, because it gives all students an equal chance to learn the material because “’equality of quality’ in education cannot be achieved by forcing all students to take exactly the same course of study” (Noddings, The False Promise of the Paideia). Teachers use this method because it makes it the most equal for all students because Noddings is right that if all students must learn the same things the same way education will never be equal. It cannot be equal because every student in every classroom I observed is different; different backgrounds, interests, religions, they are not all the same person so they are not all at…show more content…
Most of my observations were very pleasant and informative and some were not so informative but I can still take things away from all of them. I got to see several different philosophies at work and I got to see several work in conjunction with each other. I plan on taking what I learned from theses observations to my classroom to see if I can make them work for my students and

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