Importance Of Objects And Symbols In Film

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No It’s More Than That: Analyzing the p¬¬revalence and significance of objects and symbol in films such as “El laberinto de fauno,” “Tesis” and “Te doy mis ojos” By Mac Beckwith Objects and symbols can be a lot more than what they appear in films. The actual definition of a symbol is a physical representation that stands in for another object or idea. They can hold hidden meaning that the director is trying to show without using words and obvious actions. The subtly of the objects and symbols can vary from film to film, showing viewers what the director’s real message was when he created his piece. Things like this can make seemingly harmless thriller movie like “Tesis” into a serious statement about how sick and twisted our society. These symbols and objects do not just have to represent a certain meaning they can also represent emotions that the director wants the audience to feel. Techniques involving colors and object placement can make people uneasy, excited or any other emotion that the director wants in order to make the film a better experience for the viewer. Directors often take advantage of this and make it very abundant in their work. I’m going to be analyzing these techniques in the films; “El laberinto de fauno,” “Tesis” and “Te doy mis ojos.” Alejandro Amenabar used a lot of these symbols and objects to represent hidden meanings throughout his thriller piece about snuff films. He uses a lot of visual objects, colors and symbols in order to add to the excitement of the film as well as add to the viewer’s anxiety during the dark and “creepy” scenes. He uses clever camera angles and lighting in order to create an ominous feeling throughout the film. This is including the point of view shots and his uses of shadows ... ... middle of paper ... control over Spain which is represented by the tree. So it’s stating that the oppressive party is killing their beautiful country of Spain. Overall symbolism can be found in every movie no matter how trivial it may seem. People use symbolism to make sense of the world around them while indentifying and cooperating with society. I hope I have shown that the movies ““El Laberinto de Fauno,” “Tesis” and “Te Doy Mis Ojos” are not exactly what they appear. They have a deeper meaning which could represent many different things ranging from the intentions of the characters in the movies, the predictions of events that have yet to be seen yet and maybe even criticizing the political history of the country in which the movie was made. There are endless possibilities to choose from when analyzing symbolism but it’s the very subtle ones that make the movie worth watching.
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