Importance Of Object Permanence

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Object permanence refers to a process which allows children in understanding the existence of an object when it cannot be heard or seen. Object permanence develops parallel with motor pathways and visual since the ability to grasp objects, seeing and reaching objects plays a key importance in understanding object permanence. Infants are usually egocentric such that they lack the concept of the existence of the world as a separate point of their perception. Therefore, as a child develops schemas multiply making their situations on how they perceive things to be complex (Thomas, 1970). This situation creates assimilation process to help children accommodate their new experiences and perceptions towards situations. Object permanence usually occurs…show more content…
Infants regularly take new information from their surroundings and apply them to the existing concepts for creating new object presentations in the real world. The concept of object permanence plays a key role in infants for it gives them ability in understanding that objects which may never be seen do exist in the real world. Another importance of object performance is that it creates internal pictures for objects which are out of sight for infants so as which help in the understanding existence of the objects outside physical perceptions. Infants will try to search for missing objects in multiple locations through the perception that the object may not be located where they saw it (Thomas,…show more content…
It is observed that an infant will search the toy despite the child saw the toy is hidden. This method of searching for a toy by the infant confirmed an aspect of object permanence. This observation was as a result of the mental presentation of objects in infant minds. Object permanence as a result of the sound perception by the infants can be demonstrated using musical instruments which attract infant’s attention (Singer, 1997). It is observed that when a sound is played, an infant is distracted from the normal behaviors thereby responding to the sound. The child consciousness increases which changes the perception of an object. The child starts to attract the object which is making sound them which symbolizes object
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