Importance Of Nutrition Label

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Nutrition Label: Do You really See It?
You walk into the grocery store expecting to boost your immune system through proper nutrition. You grab a bottle that says "Complete Nutrition". If you 're like most people, you trust the label without a second thought and proceed to checkout. But do you really know what you are putting into your body? How can you know if you never checked the nutritional information? Nutrition labels are important because they can be the determining factors in a healthy longevity. The nutrition label is imperative because it helps you make healthier food choices, it emphasizes the importance of nutrition, and it is key to a thorough health.
When walking into a store people tend to just grab what they 're looking for
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Furthermore, you feel confident in the decision you make. In the article "Mandatory Nutrition Labeling Will Help People Make Healthful Food Choices" Arsenault states, "Food labeling has given consumers more knowledge about the foods they eat and motivated some people, as various studies report, to opt for healthier food choices (Arsenault)." I agree with Arsenault because food labeling does give people more knowledge on what they are consuming. Food labeling motivates me to eat healthier because sometimes I want to eat unhealthy, but after viewing the nutrition label I make a healthier decision that betters my eating habit. Viewing a nutrition label can prevent obesity, diabetes, and even heart attacks. Nutrition labels give you insight on what is healthy for you and what is not healthy for you. In the article "Mandatory Labeling Of Food Products" Baum states, "It 's the responsibility of all of us in the food industry to supply information to help customers make intelligent choices about the food they put into their mouths; and we have to do that by providing general education about nutrition in a meaningful understandable way...and by providing information about specific foods (Baum)." I agree with Baum because people deserve to know what they 're eating. Looking at…show more content…
That’s why it 's imperative that you read the nutrition label so you know what healthy vitamins and minerals you are taking
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